1-Star Reviews, Emergency Help for Authors

Just got burned with a 1-star review? Here's what to do.

Why do some authors find the need to respond to every review?

On the Amazon site are forums. If you’re an author, curious to see what readers say about authors, take a gander at a thread like this one. The opening poster … Continue reading

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Is Goodreads evil? Do they want books to be rated lower on their site?

Amazon asks you to save your 1-star reviews for products you “hate.” Goodreads.com asks you to give a 1-star to books you “didn’t like.” If a book was “ok,” Amazon … Continue reading

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The reviewer clearly stated he/she did NOT READ ALL MY BOOK! WAH!

Does the reviewer have to suffer all 120,000 of your brilliant words in order to come to their own personal, highly subjective opinion about the quality and enjoyability of the … Continue reading

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The first rule of 1-star review club is we don’t talk about 1-star review club

If you got a 1-star review, SHUT UP (online). Don’t tweet it. Yes, you can delete a tweet from your feed later, but someone will have already screencaptured it for … Continue reading

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One author’s funny youtube response to 1-star review

Taking her cue from Oscar-winning silent film The Artist, this author has created a film about her responses to bad reader reviews. Humor is definitely one way to deal with … Continue reading

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Why trash when you can discuss? Or enjoy?

Author Laini Taylor posted to her blog about being confused by internet lynch mobs tearing apart movies they haven’t even seen. Some quotes from her post: “Really, people? That’s how … Continue reading

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Real life 1-star reviews – humorless edition!

What kind of person will read a top-rated humorous book and give it a 1-star review? Humorless people? Hmm. You be the judge: “This book seems to have been a … Continue reading

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One way to cope with receiving a 1-star review: go out and spread some 5-star love

Someone has ruined your morning’s libido-dampening cornflakes.¬† Once you’ve wiped the spit off yourself and changed your diaper, you may choose to create a rainbow out of today’s rainstorm. Go … Continue reading

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Genuine 1-star reviews

Some people are satisfied with saying a book wasn’t their thing. Others must be more creative. Strangely, their reviews often say more about them than the books. ”¬†This book almost … Continue reading

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Making vitriol-flavored lemonade from your 1-star reviews

So, it’s bath time with your little brother and somebody poops in the tub. What do you do? Run screaming from the brown logs, or grab them in your little … Continue reading

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How do you catch or expose a sock puppet?

To catch a sock puppet, first, you need a nerd. A geek. Look for someone in glasses. No, that one’s in skinny jeans, you actually have a hipster. Throw it … Continue reading

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What is the difference between a sock puppet and a troll? What is a sock puppet, anyway?

A troll is someone who says or does something on the internet in order to provoke a negative reaction. A troll deliberately antagonizes, enjoying the ensuing emotional upset. They are … Continue reading

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As an author, you should understand motivation, right?

Before you freak out about something, consider the motivation behind the event. Selling books is business. It’s not big business like iThingies, but it’s a business. Reviews influence sales of … Continue reading

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Vengeance WILL be mine!

I will post mean reviews on the books this reviewer loves! No, you won’t. You don’t need the bad karma. I will google this person’s identity and mail dog poo … Continue reading

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