1-Star Reviews, Emergency Help for Authors

Just got burned with a 1-star review? Here's what to do.

As an author, you should understand motivation, right?

Before you freak out about something, consider the motivation behind the event.

Selling books is business. It’s not big business like iThingies, but it’s a business.

Reviews influence sales of product, therefore reviews are not unlike advertisements.

Most “community” review web sites are businesses.

For example, you might think Goodreads.com is a happy little safe world where friends tell friends about books. You might think it’s a lovely community, not unlike a public park or library. Goodreads has over 5 million users. They have your data. They sell advertising. It is a business, in the same way Amazon or Starbucks is a business. How do you think corporate headquarters at Goodreads really feels about author/blogger drama and dust-ups on their site? With all that agitated traffic flowing in?

Amazon, like Goodreads, exists as a business, to make money.

Shelfari.com is owned by Amazon, and it’s a pretty cool site.

Randombuzzers.com is owned by large publishing company Random House. They have interviews and events or something. We don’t know. Who can keep up on everything?

LibraryThing.com has a groovy, non-commercial feel, but it’s also a business, and secretly owned by glass-eating Martians.

One of the statements on this page is a lie.


If someone offered us a bunch of cash for this website, you don’t think we’d sell out in a heartbeat? Hells yes, we would!

So, think critically. Is anything on this website true?

Why does this site even exist? Did people create it just to be nice to their fellow authors?

What kind of mind control spell are you under, right now?


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This entry was posted on March 10, 2012 by in authorproblems.

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