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How do you catch or expose a sock puppet?

To catch a sock puppet, first, you need a nerd. A geek. Look for someone in glasses. No, that one’s in skinny jeans, you actually have a hipster. Throw it back! Look for looser pants. Yes, you’ve got your geek now.

Next, you put them on the computer and let them do their investigative thing. If this geek is an administrator for a forum, they’ll have access to the IP addresses of visitors and posters, as well as email addresses used for setting up accounts.

If you don’t have a geek, or you do but not access to forum administration, you can forward your complaint to the appropriate party.

Expect to be treated like a paranoid, irrational person.

Just between us, are you being paranoid? Or irrational?

Is this alleged sock puppet actually harming you or anyone else, or just bruising your eyeballs from making you roll them up so hard?

We all have a signature style with which we write, and it can be our undoing. For example, if I were Stephen King, I would ask some idiot to muck around these posts before putting them on the internet, just so people wouldn’t know it’s me. (It’s me! Just kidding! No I’m not. Yes I am! I’m Stephen Freaking King! Just kidding! Nope, just an idiot. Who is also Stephen King!)

You could compare writing styles of posts and try to “out” your sock puppet that way. But you wouldn’t want people to know you are paranoid and spending a lot of time analysing anonymous internet users’ posts, so you should probably create your own separate account for such purposes. To avoid arousing suspicion, give it a good name, such as Not-Stephen-Kings-Sock-Puppet.

Here is a sure-fire way to deal with a sock puppet:

– Go to the store and buy your favorite candy.

– Eat the candy.

– Go to bed.

Repeat as needed.


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