1-Star Reviews, Emergency Help for Authors

Just got burned with a 1-star review? Here's what to do.

I shall set up an anonymous account to respond to a critical review!

Do you know who cares about negative reviews enough to comment on them?


Except the author, using a disguise.

Oh, sure, there are probably a few calm, rational people out there who will try to argue with another anonymous internet reviewer via the comments, but unless the author has a big, loyal fan base, DNA testing would probably find a link between many of those commentors and the author of the book.

Making a fake account is like telling a lie, and soon you’ll find yourself in a web of lies. Eventually, O Clever Master of Disguise, you’ll log in with the wrong account and implicate yourself. Do you want to be that kind of a dipshit?

Besides, what good will your comment make, except to enrage the unhappy reviewer to seek out and burn your other books?

Step away from the computer. Have a walk. Have a sleep. See if you feel better in 24 hours. You will. If you don’t, talk to someone sympathetic or a paid professional.


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