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How do I get 5-stars?

There are many ways to get reviews of your books.

Legitimate ways:

– Offer to send review copies to book bloggers

– Arrange no-fee giveaways through community sites such as Goodreads.com and Librarything.com

– At the end of your book, ask readers nicely to consider posting a review

– Pay for distribution of copies through a PR-type service that does not guarantee positive reviews

Illegitimate ways:

– Pay for guaranteed positive reviews

– Create sock puppet accounts and post them yourself

– Trade reviews for entries in a giveaway* (*You can legitimately ask people to “Like” your Facebook page or re-tweet a message, or a number of things to get you publicity, but accepting reviews as entries is akin to paying for reviews.)

Questionable ways:

– Ask friends and family and other authors to post them* (*Some people feel this is unethical, but others feel it is not only legitimate, but expected.  For example, many published books come with an endorsement blurb on the cover from another author.)


2 comments on “How do I get 5-stars?

  1. Elle Casey
    March 11, 2012

    You forgot to add: “Write a good book. Have it professionally edited.” 🙂

    • Starry 1 Star Reviews
      March 11, 2012

      Great advice! The “good” part is, of course, subjective. And we’ve seen many 5-star books rife with grammar errors, so while editing is (apparently) optional, especially if you have a really, really pretty cover, it certainly cannot hurt.

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